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Purim 2020

Tickets can be used for food and most games and attractions and will be available for $5/5 tickets at the door. But if you purchase now, you can get 20 tickets for just $15!
Wristbands provide unlimited access to most games and attractions, but you'll need tickets for food. Which is why this year our unlimited wristbands come with 6 tickets!
The menu for our Purim Carnival includes:
  • Hot Dogs 3 Tickets
  • Chips 1 Ticket
  • Fruit 2 Tickets
  • Hamentaschen 2 Tickets
  • Drinks (water or soda) 1 Ticket
  • Falafel Sandwiches 5 Tickets
  • Israeli Salad with Pita 5 Tickets
  • Israeli Salad with Falafel 7 Tickets
Interested in volunteering? Click here to sign-up for a shift and you'll get 10 tickets totally free!

This wristband is for children 5 years and older and it comes with 6 tickets for food, games and attractions. Please note that this wristband price goes up to $30/person on March 8th.
This wristband is for siblings (that's right, you only have to pay for one full-price wristband regardless of the ages of your children) and children 4 years and younger and comes with 6 tickets for food, games and attractions.
Please do not forget to include the age(s) of your child(ren).

For those families who may not be able to afford wristbands for their children, please consider donating a small amount to help them out. 
Wed, February 26 2020 1 Adar 5780